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Falls, typ 9-401.6, 9-401.4

Klepněte pro plnou velikost
Klepněte pro plnou velikost

Four axle wagon with gravity unloading, hand and pneumatic operation of discharging apertures for transport of coal and coke according to RIV. Sealing of valves is rubber or sequential discharging.

Mass of empty wagon 26,6 t
Mass of a loaded wagon 80 t
Feed length 12240 mm
Feed width 1950 mm
Payload capacity 75 m3
Loading mass 53,4 t
Height of feeding hopper 4000 mm
Height of dump over rail 850 mm
Rail gauge 1435 mm
Wagon outline UIC 505-1
Max. weight on axle 20 t
Bogie type Y 25 rS (CsB)
Compressed air breke DAKO GP-A 16"(DAKO GP)
Max. operating speed empty wagon 120 km/h
Max. operating speed loaded wagon 100 km/h